My friend

(Wrote in 10/5/2011)

Last weekend, My friend and I used about 2 hours of Saturday for taking afternoon exercise and 2 hours of Sunday for having breakfast. Of course, all are just for relaxing :d coz they were flashed suddenly through her mind. I was very eager to accept her invitation :x She is also my neighbour, so it is always very easy for us to meet when we have something needs to be shared or relaxed.
On Saturday afternoon, we intended to run around a park in Định Công. When we were being on the way to go there, she wanted to change the place for exercise from Dinh Cong to Indira Park opposite National Cinema. However, she felt very hungry, so I took her to find barbecued meat, our favourite food :d. We usually eat it before or after the exercise. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find it. But no problem coz our alternative was “trứng ngải cứu”. Then, we had an interesting idea that doing exercise in Sword Lake:d Interestingly, the first thing we did when we arrived the lake was to look for “ốc quế” Trang Tien ice cream, very famous speciality of Ha Noi. It was very difficult to get “ốc quế” due to a very very long standing line. Unluckily, when the next is me, “ốc quế” was all gone :(( However, we were very flexible to eat another kind of ice cream. It was very good in hot summer days! An enjoyable feeling happened when we changed the place for exercise coz it was very crowded around Sword Lake :) On my motorbike, we went to West Lake. Finally, we officially did exercise here for about total 15 minutes :)) We could not run anymore because of very full stomach :d We enjoyed the sunset for a minute coz it was very late. We also confided in each other about our life stories. We decided to go home when it became dark and mosquitoes made an attack on us :d It could be said that this exercise was Hanoi Tour on Saturday afternoon :))
On Sunday morning, we planned to have a breakfast at 8:00 o’clock. But we slept in bed late :d I picked her up at about 9:15. It was very very sunny and hot, so she sweated very much on my motorbike :p “Phở bò” near Imperial Colleage on Tôn Đức Thắng street was the food we chosen for our breakfast. A funny thing related to fresh chilli happened. It made us giggle ;)) We told our stories to each other, for example, my girls and her boys :d The next activity was to find coffee shop near Xã Đàn Lake to eat yoghurt-soaked fruits. Simply like that, we spent Sunday morning together softly and quietly.                                                                                                                                                                  

Finally, I only want to say that she is MY IDOL because I like your style. Her photos are always very beautiful, lovely and attractive for me. On my facebook, I haver just created an album including her photos which I collected from her fb and Mr. Thắng’s fb and taken by me.

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